General Information

The Land and Survey Department is headed by the Chief Surveyor, Mr. Adolphus Ollivierre.  This department is made of three units:- The Land Management Unit, Cartographic Unit and the Surveying Unit; each is headed by the Land Management Officer, Senior Cartographer and Senior Surveyor respectively.


This department is responsible for the management of  Crown land, determining property boundaries and ensuring that all surveys are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the law.


To facilitate the distribution and use of Crown Lands in an efficacious manner carrying the necessary surveys, preparation and transfer of titles and the collection of concomitant on behalf of the Sate.  The Department also facilitates infrastructural development.


To this end if offers a number of services:

  • Undertaking of surveys for Governmental Departments and Public sector agencies.

  • Production of  Maps and survey plans for sale.

  • Facilitate the sale, lease and rent of Crown Lands.

  • Purchase/acquire lands on behalf of the Government.

  • Grant approval/authentication of survey plans.

  • Facilitate the granting of licence to surveyors.

  • Provide property appraisal on behalf of the state.