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The Ministry of HILP and LG in collaboration with other Ministries, Departments  and Agencies embarked on a programme to address the issue of improving land administration in St. Vincent and the Grenadines through two projects financed by the European Union: The national land Information Management Project (NALIMP) which concluded in 2008 and the National Land Titling and Land Registration Project (NLTLRP).

NALIMP provided the information platform for significant improvement in land administration through the development of a national geographic information system. NLTRP is building on this platform with the ultimate objective of  transforming land titling and land registration system from a manual  deed based system to a more reliable electronic system for securing title to lands and in general the administration of lands. In addition the project forms part of a general programme which seeks to strengthen the policy , legal and operational framework for land administration.


It is expected that these reform measures will address the following:

  • Promote property rights by developing a reliable system of land registration that can guarantee affordable and indisputable proof of ownership and eliminate potentials for uncertainty and fraud.
  • Develop a relatively simple and low cost system of exchange of title, a well informed, understood and accepted valuation system based on market prices.
  • The mobilization and utilization of land resources to meet basic and developmental needs of our citizens in a sustainable manner.

The Ministry is working with the Ministry of Telecommunication to ensure that the necessary information sharing infrastructure is established to enhance access and efficiency in land administration.


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