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Permanent Secretary
Mrs. Nellie Clarke Trent
Tel No:(784) 456-2050
PBX No.:(784) 456-1111
Ext No: 888 or 889
Fax No:(784) 451-2479

The GIS Division is the newest section of Physical Planning. The first effort to have such a Division was pioneered in 1997 by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) project in collaboration with the PPU however, the initiative was short lived. Nonetheless, the GIS Division was officially formulated in 2008 on the culmination of the National Land Information Project (NALIMP) which was funded by the EU.

The objectives of the GIS Division for 2013 are to continue populating and updating the existing geodatabase created by NALIMP and strengthening and building capacity of the GIS. This generated geodatabase would provide access to reliable, timely data that can assist our policy makers in evidence based decision making for the general improvement in economic development and the sustainable management of the country’s natural and man made resources. In addition, the Unit provides advisory, training and mapping services to other Ministries and Institutions.


Ground Floor
Methodist Church Building,
Granby Street
(784) 456-1111
(784) 451-2479